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International Student Organization & Advisors

International Student Organization & Student Advisor

    International Student Organization & Student Advisor thank you for considering the plans provided by Compass Benefits as an option for your international students and scholars health insurance. Compass is an organization with a wealth of experience with international student & scholar health insurance. Our group and individual options are both affordable and provide the most comprehensive coverage in the market. We take pride in our effort to offer a quality product and educating International Student Organization & Student Advisor about selecting the plan that best fits their needs.

    Plan highlights include:


    • . On-line enrollment, waiver & claims information to simplify the enrollment & servicing process
    • . Student has on-line access to claims information & ability to produce ID Cards.
    • . 24 Hour Emergency Assistance from FrontierMEDEX
    • . Paperless claims processing availability
    • . Nurseline and Student Assistance program



    • . A straightforward plan design no hidden limitations common with other plans
    • . Annual deductibles, not per condition
    • . Benchmark Plans include Prescription Card
    • . Out of pocket maximums
    • . Includes ACA compatible Benchmark Plans

    All Compass Plans include Medical Evacuation and Reptariation. All are compliant with the Exchange Visitor J Visa requirements

    In addition, Compass has developed a variety of web-based content and tools that help support International Student Organization & Studnet Advisor to provide a safe and healthy educational experience. This includes details on the U.S. health care system, safety concerns and health & wellness issues. Go to our resources page for more information. Please feel free to link to this page if it would be of help for orientations or have other applications.

    If you would like a group proposal or a supply of voluntary brochures, please email or give a call to 781-356-1999.

    We look forward to the chance to serve you & your students in the upcoming year, and we would welcome the opportunity to help you evaluate your options.

Partnership Affiliates

    Compass Benefits is also a:

    NAFSA Global Partner            Corporate Partner of CSIET


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Compass Benefits is also a:
NAFSA Global Partner
Corporate Partner CSIET