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Compass Benefits Insurance Plans

Insureds prior to the 2014-2015 plan year

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    Customer Service Contact Information: 
    Student Resources (SPC) Ltd., a UnitedHealth Group company
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    Dallas, Texas 75380-9025
    1- 866-590-4427
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    How do I submit (file) a claim?
    In the event of Sickness or Injury, you should

    Submit a Claim Electronically

    • · A UHC network affiliate health care provider can submit a claim electronically using the UHC submission system
    • · Your Doctor can also submit a claim electronically, using Emedeon (formerly WebMD).
    • · Check with your doctor to see if they are a participant. If they are, show them your ID Card.
    • · The Emedeon information is printed on the back of every ID Card.

    Submit a Claim by Mail

    • · It's easy! Just download the claim form below. Fill out the first page with:
      • · Your personal information
      • · Dates of injury or sickness
      • · The cause of the injury or date of first symptoms for a sickness
      • · Sign and date
      • · Attach all receipts.

    Please be sure to fill out the entire page. Leaving items blank can cause a delay in your claim processing.

    When sending claim information:

    • ·Clip, do not staple, all bills to the completed form.
    • ·Make sure all bills or itemized receipts indicate:
    • · A diagnosis code
    • · Procedure code
    • · Date of service
    • · Cost
    • · The provider·s tax ID number.

    Download Medical Claim Form

    File a Prescription Claim

    To submit a claim for reimbursement for a prescription that you paid for out of pocket, please print a copy of the Generic Reimbursement Claim Form
    Prescription Claim Information Check List

     Information and Documents  Directions
    • · Generic Reimbursement Claim Form
    • · Date prescription filled
    • · Name and address of pharmacy
    • · Doctor name or ID number
    • · NDC number (drug number)
    • · Name of drug and strength
    • · Quantity and days· supply
    • · Prescription number (Rx number)
    • · DAW(Dispense As Written)
    • · Amount paid
    • · Clip, do not staple, all bills to the completed form.
    • · Make sure all bills or itemized receipts indicate:
      • · A diagnosis code
      • · Procedure code
      • · Date of service
      • · Cost
      • · The provider·s tax ID number.

    This information can usually be found on the receipt which is stapled on the outside of the packaging or in some cases located inside. Contact your pharmacist for more information.

    Download Prescription Claim Form

    File an Appeal

    To file an appeal, please include the following information:

    1. A letter requesting an appeal to your claim(s), including your:
      • . Name
      • . Address
      • . Phone number
      • . UnitedHealthcare Student ID number
      • . Date of service for your injury/sickness
      • . Claim number(s) (located on the top of your Explanation of Benefits)
      • . Email address
    1. A copy of your Explanation of Benefits for the claim(s) in question.
    2. Medical Records including all test results from all providers visited for the specific injury/sickness that you are appealing.

    Once we receive the documentation, your appeal will be reviewed and a written response will be mailed to you. The response will include what the findings were, if the appeal was approved or denied, and the reason for the final decision.

    Check Claim Status

    If you are a student and would like to check on the status of a claim that you or a provider submitted, you will need to set up a MyAccount if you have not done so already.
    Please visit our My Account Center to log in to an existing account or to create a new one.


Compass plans provide value and choice

Compass Care - The Compass Care plan provides 80% in network coverage for covered medical expenses up to the plan maximum of $100,000 for each injury or sickness. There is a $10,000 out of pocket maximum per policy year. NOTE: pregnancy is not covered.

Compass Elite - The Plan design is similar to the Compass Care Plan, except that there is a $250,000 maximum for each injury or sickness and pregnancy is covered.

The Compass Benchmark Plans

These are the preferred option for those seeking higher levels of coverage. These provide ACA comparable benefit levels. They are the often the choice for schools with more stringent insurance requirements. They have an unlimited maximum, preventative care provisions, and prescription cards.

Benchmark- Provides 80% coverage, with a $6,350 per policy year out of pocket maximum and a $100 deductible per policy year in network.

Benchmark Plus- Provides 90% coverage, with a $5,000 per policy year out of pocket maximum and a $50 per policy year deductible in network.