Do I need foreign student health insurance?

    An education is a significant investment
    There are three chief reasons to carry foreign student health insurance
    1. Health insurance makes it much easier to receive quality health care and can help guarantee that you have the funds to continue with your education.
    2. Medical care can be very costly, especially for those foreign students who are not able to access free care available through government resources (acceptance of free medical care can jeopardize your visa status).
    3. Most schools require that foriegn students & scholars have some form of foriegn health insurance.

    Protect that investment by making sure you have a good foreign student health insurance plan.

Compass plans provide value and choice

Compass Plans are designed to meet the different reasons our clients have for purchasing foreign student medical insurance. Be sure to check your school's requirement before purchasing. If your school has more stringent requirements, check to see if your school is listed under exclusive alternatives.

Compass Elite–The Elite plan provides the greatest protection against a large covered claim. After the deductible, the first$10,000 is covered at 80%, then it covers eligible claims 100% from $10,001 to $250,000..

Compass Care–The Compass Care plan provides 80% coverage for covered medical expenses up to the plan maximum of $100,000. NOTE: There are no hidden caps or limitations on standard medical care as is the case with less expensive, low level plans currently being offered on some websites.

Compass Budget–The Budget plan is similar to the Compass Care plan but it does not provide pregnancy coverage. It is designed for those looking for the lowest cost plan that offers decent, straightforward coverage.

Compass Benchmark–The Benchmark Plan is an exclusive alternative plan available to students at schools that require higher levels of coverage.