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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need student medical insurance?
    Although you may be healthy, you can never predict a serious illness or accident. If you do need medical care, particularly if it is an involved or serious condition, it will be expensive - medical care in the U.S. is more costly than any other country. Large unpaid medical bills will seriously affect your financial status and could affect your ability to continue with your education. This is particularly true for international students as the government support agencies will not assist in the payment of your medical bills.

    Who is eligible for a Compass Medical Insurance Plan?
    In general, all participants in full-time educational activity (students & scholars) are eligible. The eligibility is broader for those involved with international education. This could include visiting faculty, scholars or other person possessing and maintaining a current passport and educational visa, engaged in full-time educational activities. Be certain to review the eligibility requirements before purchasing, particularly those that have applied for permanent residency status. Group Plans: Eligibility for plans will vary by the group’s guidelines. Please check your group’s eligibility guidelines for details.

    Can I enroll my spouse and/or children in the student medical insurance plan?
    Insured participants may also purchase coverage for their dependent spouse and/or child(ren). The definition of eligible dependents can vary by group but generally they are the spouse which resides with the insured student and unmarried children under nineteen years of age, who are not self-supporting and reside with the insured student. Dependents must be enrolled for the same term of coverage for which the insured student enrolls unless the dependent status has recently changed (birth, marriage, has just entered the country). Dependent coverage expires with that of the insured student.

    How much does the student medical insurance cost?
    The cost can vary by the plan selected and age. Please review the options listed on the Home Page of this website for more details.

    What does the insurance plan cover?
    Insurance benefits will vary by the plan selected. Most plans will provide coverage for eligible expenses incurred for treatment received in a hospital, in an outpatient clinic and by a physician. Be certain to read your Plan’s brochure for complete details.

    Are there conditions that the medical insurance plan will not cover?
    Yes. The lists of conditions that will not be covered and specific limits in coverage are called exclusions, limitations or reductions. Be certain to read these sections carefully, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

    When would coverage begin?
    Coverage begins the day you requested coverage to begin or the date we receive payment of premium, or the date you become first eligible, whichever is later.

    What do I do if I'm sick or injured?
    If an insured is a student and has access to a Student Health Center, these individuals are strongly encouraged to first utilize the services of their Student Health Center. Benefits are often better for care provided by, or referred by the Health Center. Also, the Health Center is more accustomed, and generally more effective in working with your needs. If a Health Center is not available, or care is required beyond the Health Center, call the claims and customer service phone number for a referral.  If your medical condition is an emergency, visit the nearest appropriate medical facility or call 911.

    What do I do if I require treatment and I haven't received my ID card?
    Even though you may not have received your ID card, you can still seek treatment. Request that the provider contact the appropriate Customer Service number listed on this website or on the brochure for verification of coverage.

    Where can I find a Doctor?
    You can find a doctor off the website through this link, Find A Doctor, or by calling the toll-free number listed on the website, on your plan brochure, the back of your ID Card.

    How do I submit (file) a claim?
    In the event of Sickness or Injury, you should

    1. Report to the Student Health Center, if available, or the nearest physician or hospital. It is best to obtain treatment from a UHC provider if available. The coverage will likely be better and claim submission will be simpler. You can find a UHC provider here.
    2. If you need to fill out a claim form, it must be completed and sent with the original itemized bills to UHC within 90 days. You can click this link CLAIM FORM

    Submit Claims to:
    Student Resources (SPC) Ltd., a UnitedHealth Group company
    P.O. 809025 
    Dallas, Texas 75380-9025
    1- 866-590-4427
    email inquiry

    Where can I get a Claim Form?
    You can get a claim form off the website through this link, CLAIM FORM, or by calling the toll-free number listed on the website, on your plan brochure, the back of your ID Card, and on your plan claim form.

    What information do I need to provide when filing a claim?
    You must mail the following items to your Claim Administrator:

    1. Completed Claim Form including insured's name, address, identification number and name of the organization or institution under which the individual is insured

    2. All itemized medical and hospital bills including procedure and/or diagnosis codes

    3. Copies of receipts if the bill has been paid and you are to be reimbursed.

    Be sure to keep a copy of all documents for your records.

    How can I check the status of a claim?
    Pending or processed claim can be reviewed online at the MyPlan link or by calling claims customer service.

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