JCI, Chicago Illinois, November 5 – Medical tourism statistics revealed an anticipated growth of the industry from about $40 billion in 2004 to $100 billion by the year 2012. The estimate was made by the Confederation of India and the McKinsey Company. Among U.S citizens, liposuction ranks number two in offshore cosmetic procedures.

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Asia as a Favorite Medical Tourism Destination

 “Why travel abroad to get medical treatment?” I ask this question Raina (real name withheld) an aspiring commercial model who admitted she had just undergo rhinoplasty in Bangkok. “Having just had a head start in my career, I would say that my primary objective was to seek lower costs as my primary consideration” The aforementioned statement is just one of the contributing factors to the steady rise of offshore medical procedures in Asia.

 Singapore and Thailand are gaining prominence in medical tourism. Singapore health care system was ranked 6th best in the world and 1st in Asia by World Health Organization. While Thailand on the other hand fully equipped their hospitals with linguists medical staff which is very convenient and helpful to medical tourists. 

  Tyra Sinclair a resident in Maine, who had just returned from India, underwent a chin reduction liposuction in Bangkok.  “Before undergoing this procedure, I inquired several beauty clinics online and my operation will cost me US$100, 00, that is a whopping difference from US$12,000 I paid way back in India. One thing more what makes Bangkok the best choice was their beautiful beaches, now that’s what we call a package” Sinclair candidly added.

 It was another case for Mr. Weiss, retired postmaster, who underwent hip surgery in Phyathai Hospital in Bangkok. “My insurance does not cover the surgery my doctor advised me to undergo, my daughter accompanies me to go to Bangkok, and in return she had her liposuction done there too”.

 Medical tourism gaining popularity is a result of the consumer’s patronage. But certain precautions must be practiced all the time to ensure the consumer right, and that is a safe medical and cosmetic procedure.

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By Jullian Guilliard, release-news.com

Thailand has launched a new portal for visitors to find information on medical tourism in the country as it seeks to position itself as a global leader in the field. 

 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently launched the site to provide visitors with all of the information they could need on medical treatments in Thailand, from carotid angioplasty to tummy tucks.

 The website, at www.thailandmedtourism.com, collects and provides information on medical tourism providers in Thailand, including hospitals, clinics and spas.

 Traditional Thai medicine practitioners are also listed on the site with their level of accreditation and standard, said TAT.

 Visitors can sort by destination and also view associated travel options such as hotels, apartments and restaurants, with authorities hoping that additional choices will boost both interest and trip length to Thailand.

 The website is the first part of a marketing campaign which will see blogger reviews, treatment discounts and a campaign to emphasize the credibility and safety of medical services in the country.

 Boosting medical tourism was just one of the tactics outlined by TAT earlier this year when it unveiled its plan to rebuild Thailand’s popularity as a tourist destination after the civil unrest in the country in April.

 Authorities hope that Thailand can join the ranks of established medical tourism destinations such as Malaysia, Singapore and India.

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Taiwan has potential to become the next medical-tourism destination. That’s according to Time Magazine’s website on Saturday.

The website said that Taipei has abundant health care facilities with modern and sophisticated equipment. Also, the cost is much cheaper compared to other countries. Some of the biggest savings are in liver-transplant surgery, which runs about $91,000 US dollars compared with some $300,000 in the US.

These prices are causing many people from China to go to Taiwan to have surgery. That’s become much easier since restrictions for Chinese tourists to Taiwan were lifted in mid-2008. And a recent announcement that Chinese tourists will soon be allowed to travel individually to Taiwan has many medical-tourism proponents hoping the industry will take off.

Taiwan’s medical industry is still budding in comparison with that of neighboring countries. Last year, there was roughly $20 million USD spent on cosmetic surgery in Taiwan while in Singapore and Thailand there was roughly $1 billion USD spent.

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